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Take control of Glidy Frog's tongue to eat all the flies on your way!

A quiet stroll, without headache

"Glidy Frog World Tour" is a fun and cool game that will delight the whole family. The controls and rules are simple so have a good flight!

Visual level 1

Flies and bombs

Visual level 2

Earn stars by swallowing as many flies as possible, but be careful: you'll also have to dodge bombs.


Thanks to the bonuses, you will be able to add effects that will temporarily change the game. You will be able to slow down the action, facilitate the absorption of flies, catch several flies at the same time, catch flies automatically or even protect yourself from bombs.

Visual level 3

"Wow this game is so cool!"

a good person

8 different environments

Visual select level menu

Forest, sea, desert,... unlock new environments with the stars and freely choose your destination from the unlocked areas.

Customization accessories

The stars will allow you to acquire accessories to customize Glidy. In addition, you can change the color of the accessories at will.

Visual unlock accessories menu

"Hardcore" mode for more challenge

The world tour mode is a walk but if what you are looking for is challenge, the "hardcore" mode is there for you. This mode is faster than the main mode ("World Tour") and you will not have access to the bonus effects. So try to establish the best world score!

Global leaderboard and online saved game

Thanks to Google Play Games (a trademark of Google LLC), your hardcore score can appear on a global ranking. In addition, your game can be saved online so that you can keep your progress by changing devices or after reinstalling the application.

A free demo to try before you buy

demo version game icon

To get a more precise idea of the gameplay, try the demo version. It is free but without ads. Yes yes, free game without advertising! This is a reduced version: you can access tutorial, training and hardcore mode. Although free, it still gives access to online leaderboard.